Here are the most common list-building blunders made by marketers. If you’re having trouble building your list right now,

you’re probably making some of these errors. Avoid them at all costs if

you want to obtain targeted subscribers who want to hear from you.

So, here are the ten faults to avoid, along with a solution for each one.

1. Ineffective headline
When it comes to marketing, copy is near the top of the list of things to improve. Your visitor will not read the body of

the page if your headline is weak. The goal of a headline is to entice the

reader to read the rest of the page.

A good headline will scream the advantages of keeping the visitor on the page. What will the reader gain out of this? What impact will

it have on their lives? You’ve got a receipt for a terrific

headline if you can answer those questions.

2. Ineffective call to action
If your call to action is weak, the visitor will not feel obliged to take the next step, which is to join your mailing list. Use a strong call-to-action (CTA) above your form and on the subscribe button.

Use phrases like “Enter your email here” and don’t say “Subscription” on the subscribe button; instead, say “Yes, Send Me The Download.”

3. Page takes a long time to load
The speed with which a website loads is an often-overlooked aspect of online marketing. Your page must load quickly, or your visitor will become frustrated and click the back button. If you use

WordPress, you’ll almost certainly experience speed troubles on a low-cost server because WordPress is known for consuming a lot of server resources.


Your website must be hosted on a fast web server. A good, speedy web hosting plan will set you back roughly $20 per month. Consider acquiring a VPS (virtual private server), which will provide you with outstanding speed.

Another alternative is to develop and host your squeeze pages using a page builder like Convertri. Convertri’s key selling point is their lightning-fast website load time. I can attest to this because I’ve been a convertri user for quite some time. Convertri is available to try for free here.

4. The form has too many fields.

The more tasks a visitor has to complete on your page, the less likely they are to take action. Don’t acquire their name, phone number, date of birth, or other personal information unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

Getting their email address is sufficient if you merely want to send them emails, such as a newsletter and/or offers.

5. The opt-in form isn’t noticeable.
Because the entire purpose of your opt-in page is to collect email addresses via the opt-in form, it must be noticeable! It shouldn’t be too small, blend in with the background, or be concealed

within too much content. Your visitor should be able to easily see the opt-in form and understand that this is where they must enter their email address.

6. Failure to personalize your ‘thank you page’
Because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on opportunities to advance your prospect in the sales funnel.

Every page your visitor lands on after opting in should be personalised with your branding, if not another call to action. A multitude of steps make up the sales process. Every connection

customers have with you has to be worthwhile. A blank ‘confirmation’ or ‘thank you’ page represents a missed opportunity.












7. Your autoresponder should have no follow-up emails.
If you don’t contact your subscribers right away after they sign up, they’ll assume something is wrong. You might be able to get away with it if you send a broadcast to your list every day. If you just email once a week, they’ll probably forget they’ve signed up for your list and be shocked

when they receive an email from you.

You must quickly teach your subscriber your name and what you do. So, at first, set your autoresponder to send an email every day for seven days. This is what I’ve found to be the most effective way of getting them to remember my name and business.

8. Purchasing email addresses

There are numerous flaws in this. The major reason is that they didn’t opt-in (give you permission) to be emailed, thus you’re spamming them if you email a purchased list.

The next point to consider is that sending 1 million emails does not guarantee a large number of purchases. Your emails will be disregarded and/or reported as spam if they are all sent to untargeted people. Do not purchase email lists.


Quality is preferable than quantity. Sign up genuine folks who want to hear from you and have given you permission to contact them via email. People who are looking for YOU will be considerably more responsive than those who are looking for you.

9. Not keeping track of your traffic
One of the most typical blunders made by new email list builders is this. Tracking can be perplexing at first, as well as an added expenditure that does not appear to be necessary. Even if you’re not constructing a list, tracking is more vital than you might imagine. It’s like trying to shoot a target with your eyes closed if you don’t track your advertising or traffic. You need to know where your advertising dollars are going and which traffic is converting into purchases.

You can’t go wrong with Clickmagick as a tracking tool for both novices and advanced marketers. It’s simple to use, and they provide a wealth of tutorials and fantastic assistance, so you’ll never be stuck. Click here to start using ClickMagick for free.

10. Making use of an unfavorable lead magnet
They’re not going to give you their email to obtain your free inducement if you’re using a tired old PDF with information that they can readily discover with a quick Google search, in a blog post, or on YouTube. It must be original and entertaining, and it must assist them in achieving their objective, such as saving time, money, losing weight, feeling better, and so on.

What makes an appealing lead magnet is if you have a ‘secret’ that no one else knows about. A case study or an expert interview are two more excellent alternatives. Free trials are also a good way to acquire people on your mailing list.

Do you despise authoring eBooks yet need lead magnets in a variety of niches? Visit get squeeze kits to receive two new pre-made lead magnet kits each month for a reasonable monthly fee.

Izhak Assulin

Best of luck with your list-building efforts! Avoid these costly blunders to improve the results of your list-building efforts.

I wish you luck.

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