Don’t Screw Over Your Affiliates

Don’t Screw Over Your Affiliates

I’m sick of seeing how dumb people can be when it comes to affiliate marketing over the years;

I’ve seen some good businesses with a decent product or service repeatedly fuck over their affiliates.


They do so on purpose to steal other people’s money and maximize their income,

but it can also be due to incompetence or programming errors.

Personally, I believe that it makes no difference why or how you do anything if you don’t do it in the first place.
If someone is referring people to your affiliate network, you’ll get clients you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

They’re putting their faith in you to look after those customers and pay them what you promised

when they signed up for the affiliate program.

If you understand it or not, not paying them for their efforts is theft. Why spend years attempting to

create a good reputation for your goods and or services, only to flush it down the toilet through your affiliate program?

It doesn’t make any sense to me? To get a few extra dollars from the people who did your work?

When you settle to a price or a contract, don’t keep changing the goalposts. Even worse, changing an affiliate connection

for a recurring software, tool, or program just messes up the affiliate links and loses you and/

or your affiliates revenue while also damaging your reputation.

There are now ten big items I’ve sold that have had errors in their affiliate programs or ties at some point;

five of them were at their jobs, and the other few were just making dumb mistakes, in my opinion.

For someone running an affiliate program, here are a few basic lessons:

  1. Rather than using low-cost, low-quality tools and software to manage your affiliate programs, invest in high-quality software.
  2. Keep people signed up as affiliates if you sign them up for an affiliate program. It’s only fair,
  3. particularly if they paid a lot of money to become an affiliate and get the commissions in the first place.


50%. If you’re selling your own time, you might get away with a lower fee, but unless you’re Jeff Bezos, who will gladly

give you 1% and expect you to be thankful, a 10% commission stinks for apps and courses.

4. Keep it easy – since not everybody is a digital marketing expert, the easier it is for them to advertise,

the more likely you and your affiliates can see positive results.

5. Provide a variety of ways for the affiliate program to be promoted – different strokes for different folks.

6. Provide the affiliates with ready-to-use social media copy to post on their social media accounts.

7. Provide affiliates with pre-made banners of various sizes to put on their websites,

which will create free automatic traffic to their affiliate links for both you and them.

8. Provide pre-written emails for your affiliates’ mailing list, as well as dates and times for sending the emails.
9. Make videos or find videos that will assist your affiliates in selling your affiliate goods.
10. Spend some time training the members on how to use these various marketing strategies. If you do,

you’ll have an army of well-informed, well-trained affiliates working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

P.S. A Few Final Words – If you attempt to deceive people or your associates, you are endangering your own company and credibility.

Instead, be honest and look after your affiliates, and they will look after you as well.

If you want to start your own affiliate program, I suggest the following two resources.

Option 1: Go to this page. (Best Long-Term Resources and Value)

Option 2: Go Here (Cheaper and also effective to get started but will cost you more in the long term)

Don’t let your affiliates down.