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BY Izhak Assulin, JUN 15, 2021 11:00 AM

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Price: $17.00

(No Monthly Fees EVER!)

Dear “Cash Smart” Online Marketer,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten tired of paying overpriced website hosting fees to companies like Bluehost and GoDaddy…

Especially when they also limit our websites and stand in our way of growing a more profitable business.

Well, I’m happy to tell you those issues end today!

Because with the newly released HostZPresso cloud hosting platform, it’s now easier than ever to host UNLIMITED websites and domains…

All for a ONE-TIME PAYMENT that’s cheaper than one month of hosting with GoDaddy.

With thousands of dollars in yearly savings, online marketers are saying…

Like getting an instant pay raise

Some are re-investing that money into their business - and growing faster than ever before...

Others are treating themselves and their families to lavish trips, fancy dinners and yacht cruises.

But you’re not just saving cash every month…

We are also free to create as many money-making websites as you want - without EVER paying additional hosting fees.

Nothing stands in your way of success now that you have...

Premium Hosting at an Unbeatable One-Time Price

Effortless Setup Get Sites Live In Minutes

Step #1 

Login to HostZPresso and enter your domain names.

Transfer existing website domains or start fresh with new domain names. Unlimited number of domains and websites can be hosted without any restrictions!

Step #2 

Set up your websites with just One-Click. Install WordPress on any domain in seconds. With our simple step-by-step instructions, get sites live in minutes - even if you’ve never set up a website before! Plus, our end-to-end SSL encryption, Free SSL certificates and advanced DDoS security mean that all sites offer the best-available protection against hackers and dangerous malware.

Step #3 Easily manage all websites. Take the complexity out of website management with our ultra-simple user interface that’s designed for the total “tech novice”. And UNLIMITED Money-Making Sites can be Hosted with zero restrictions or add-on fees.

Premium Hosting at an Unbeatable One-Time Price

100% Uptime Guaranteed - so that websites are

         ALWAYS live and ready to make sales 

High-Speed Servers - for split-second website loading times

         (proven to drive higher conversions) 

Unlimited Bandwidth - to provide consistent site performance

         even on sites with large videos or files

 “Viral Capability” - we’re always prepared to handle a huge

           influx of traffic from your launches or viral content 

FREE SSL Certificates for each website - protecting all data

         and creating instant trust with visitors

But This “One-Time Fee” Special Ends Soon… 

Don’t Wait or You’ll Pay More Later

Once the “Early Bird” period ends, we are switching HostZPresso

over to the subscription model… 

If you wait, you’ll miss out on getting Unlimited Website Hosting

for a small one-time investment. 

That can be the difference between you paying just $17 now versus

paying thousands of dollars in hosting fees over the coming years. 

Wouldn’t that money be much better spent on growing

your business and enjoying your life?

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